How will connected devices fit with your work?

If you’re interested in getting started right away, let’s find a solution for you.

Now that you understand the concept and opportunity of developing a connected home, let’s identify the costs of integrating connected devices into your developments. Depending on the project type and size of your project your cost per door will vary. Below is a breakdown of what your cost per door may look like taking into consideration the amount of devices you will need to connect the entire unit. These essential devices are installer-friendly so they will not likely require additional installation costs or assistance. Costs may be subject to change but feel free to contact us with any inquiries on the breakdown of what you’re working on.


House Type Connected Energy** Connected Protection* Connected Lighting* Total Cost Per Door
Studio Apartment (1 Bedroom 1 Floor) $329 $129 $120 $578
Apartment (2 Bedrooms 1 Floor) $329 $129 $180 $638
Large Apartment (3 Bedrooms 1 Floor) $329 $129 $240 $698
Townhouse (3 Bedrooms 2 Floors) $329 $258 $240 $827
Large Townhouse (4 Bedrooms 3 Floors) $329 $387 $300 $1,016
Single House (4 Bedrooms 2 Floors) $329 $258 $300 $887
Large Single House (6 Bedrooms 3 Floors) $329 $387 $420 $1,136

* Price listed does not include installation.
** Not compatible with all heating systems. Price listed does not include installation.