Nest Protect

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When the alarm beeps and your mind starts to race you might be thinking…

What’s going on? Is it smoke or CO? Where’s the danger? What if I wasn’t home?

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm talks to you, telling you what the problem is and where it is. It sends an alert to your phone if an alarm goes off or the batteries are getting low. The simple act of beeping has saved thousands of lives but a beep only lets you know that there’s a problem somewhere. In an emergency, you don’t have time to guess what’s wrong. With Nest Protect, you don’t have to.

It’s time to expect more from an alarm.

Meet the connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

The modern solution to protecting your home

Meet the Nest Protect

A clear voice when things go wrong.

Not only does Nest Protect sound an alarm, it also speaks to you with a human voice. It tells you if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide, which room it’s in, and if you’re in immediate danger. So you can quickly figure out the best way to exit your home and avoid running into fire on the way out.

Keep tabs on your home. Away from home.

Emergencies are unpredictable. So unlike other smoke alarms, Nest Protect makes sure you know what’s going on – even when you’re away from home.

Know what your smoke and CO alarm knows.

Nest Protect will send a message to your phone or tablet if there’s a problem. But if you want, you can check on things at any time. Just open the Nest app to see the status of your Nest Protects.

Learn and prepare.

Use the What To Do feature inside the Nest app to create a plan before you ever need it. Choose a family meeting point and add phone numbers for your local fire and police departments. In an emergency, the Nest app will give you helpful tips depending on the problem.

Safety History.

See the last 10 days of activity. With Nest Protect, you’ll always know when alerts happen and why. And that can help the fire department figure things out in an emergency – like where a CO leak is coming from

Thinks. Before it speaks.

The Protect knows when there’s a little smoke or a lot of smoke. It knows when there are rising levels of CO or emergency levels of CO. As soon as Nest Protect senses there’s a problem, you’ll get a friendly Heads‑Up. If things get worse, Nest Protect will flash red, sound an alarm and tell you what you need to know – using words instead of beeps.

Sees what’s invisible.

You can’t see carbon monoxide. Or smell it. But it’s deadly. The Nest Protect constantly checks for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Even though you can’t see it, Nest Protect can.

The Protect works seamlessly with other connected devices

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