Nest Thermostat

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"Most people don't program their thermostats – it's just too complicated. And that wastes a lot of energy. So we made it simple. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and can be controlled from your phone."

- Nest


Ever since its product launch in 2011, smart thermostats has been a leader in driving growth within smart energy and tech markets. With growing awareness in North America, the Thermostat has developed high demand and increased installations into modern homes and developments.

The Nest Thermostat remembers what temperatures you like, creates a custom schedule for your home, and turns itself down when you’re away. Once it’s learned your schedule, Nest can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills. And if you want remote control, just use your smartphone, tablet or computer. Nest’s system guides you to energy-efficient temperatures. With Energy History and Energy Report, you also can see how much energy you’ve saved and get tips to help you save more.

Learn about the Learning Thermostat

Product Features

Auto-Schedule – Nest creates a personalized schedule based on your temperature changes. It continually adapts to your changing life.

Auto-Away – Nest will sense you’ve gone and automatically turns itself to an energy-saving temperature when you’re away.

Remote Control – Connect your Nest thermostat to WiFi to control it from anywhere with a mobile device.

Energy History & Report – See when you used heating, cooling, and how your adjustments affected your energy use through the monthly Energy Report packed with energy info and tips to help you save.

Nest Leaf – The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to a temperature that’s energy efficient, guiding you to energy savings.

System Match – Almost all thermostats are made for conventional forced air systems, but not all systems are conventional. Energy efficient systems need special control to save energy while providing comfort. Nest activates custom features depending on your system so you can save energy comfortably.

Airwave – Nest automatically turns off the AC a few minutes early, but keeps the fan running. Your AC runs less while your home remains cool.

Easy installation – If you’re comfortable changing a light fixture, you can install Nest. In fact, according to our online compatibility checker more than 90% of Nest owners install Nest themselves, with 4 out of 6 completing installation in 30 minutes or less.

Design – Nest’s premium materials and chameleon design reflects the color or pattern of your wall to blend in with its surroundings.



















Save more money by knowing more

Cost Saving Perks

Nest claims that their Thermostat saves on average 10-12% in heating and up to 15% on cooling, an approximate average annual saving of $131-$145. With current thermostats, the lack of understanding from homeowners prevents many from reducing their energy usage and saving money. While the initial price of a Nest Thermostat is higher than generic alternatives, energy savings will recover the difference within 2-3 years on average. Nest is a smart thermostat that is easy to use providing long-term savings from energy efficiency management.


Control it from anywhere

Let the Learning Thermostat understand your preferences and automatically adapt to you. Make changes and monitor your energy management straight from your mobile devices. The Thermostat is for everyone; children, seniors, tech-savvy millennials, and your modern day home owner. Its user-friendly interface makes saving energy, money, and changing the temperature an automatic process. Improve on energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Nest gives you insights and learns to save

Manage your energy

Nest Thermostat brings value to any type of development. It offers useful data in the form of reports to tell the user about their energy consumption. It learns when to turn off your heating or lower your temperature as an effort to find ways to save you money without having to sacrifice the home environment. The Thermostat’s learning and sustainability capabilities allow owners to take control of their energy consumption. To be in control and knowledgeable are among the core expectations of modern homes.

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